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Big Brother & Big Sister Success Stories

Just because school may be out for summer dosen't mean that everyone can enjoy the summer fun.  For many single parents, summer can be a difficult time.  With many working full time, they have to find some way for their children to have a safe and fun summer.   

For Mary Williamson, the summer months are little easier than most.  Her boss, Troy Romero , at Turf Grass Farms, Inc. has an open door policy when it comes to Mary's son Zach.  Romero grew up in a single parent household and knows the importance of finding time for his family.  He loves when Zach accompanies his mother to the office.  This is in part due to the fact that Troy is Zach's Big Brother.

Back in July of 2007, Romero officially became Zach's Big Brother and the two families bonded immediately. " I get to see Zach just about everyday. The entire family, both his and mine, travels and spends time together." says Troy, who adds, "I don't have a son, so spending time with Zach hunting or fishing gives me the guy time.  It is a great trade off."

Troy Romero understands the value of giving back to the community. He was a volunteer firefighter for 20 years, coaches Lil' Dribblers basketball teams as well as Little League Baseball.  Romero is very much involved with activities in his church and serves on the school board advisory committee.  Through his work he is able to give farm tours to area school children.  "It's always good to volunteer, to know you're helping mold a kid's life."  Romero says. "It's great to watch Zach grow up.  We are working on Zach's work ethic too.  He's much more willing to help now than when we first met."

Troy and Zach make the best of their match by doing all kinds of fun activities.  They enjoy such things as movies, bowling, hunting and fishing.  They make time for BBBS activites and parties.  Their vacations have led them to Houston, the beach, and even skiing.

Zach and I are more different than similiar, but being together we're both learning to like the same things." Troy says. "Zach is very dramatric and likes to do indoor activities like drawing, acting, and watching movies.  We are working on more outdoor activities."  When asked what he enjoys most about being a Big Brother, Troy will tell you it is seeing Zach happy.  "Zach is a very disciplined and respectful person."  Romero says.  "He still interacts with his father, but gets a bonus by also having a Big Brother."  
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